Wow, it's been way too long since my last post, but I have actual real excuses I promise. 

I've been working on a huge project for work (which I can't show here for a long time), but the main reason is all the baby stuff I've been doing... that's right - we have a baby on the way!  So late February I'm going to be a Dad for the first time and I can't wait!

It looks tough being a pregnant lady, so I've been helping my Wife out as much as possible, and along with the never ending construction of flat-pack furniture and nursery painting, my blog and galleries have fallen by the wayside.  The upside is that impending fatherhood has opened up many new avenues of inspiration and as a result I have a few big projects in the pipeline which I hope to share soon.

In the meantime this little guy (or girl!) is from the invitations I designed for my Wife's baby shower.

Merry Christmas and Happy new Year,

Shane S