Welcome to ShaneMadeArt.com!

I launched my first portfolio site back in 2012, so it's long been due an update.  It wasn't a bad site, visually at least, but it was very basic (and a complete pain in the ass to update).

This new site has been built from the ground up to be easily modified, updated and shared.

It has the obligatory gallery, sketchbook and contact pages, but most of the building time went into the new projects page.  Here you'll find literally hundreds of illustrations which I've never shown online before, all carefully curated and arranged into convenient project by project mini pages.  

I love looking at pretty pictures as much as the next person, but viewing them in context really makes you see the images in a whole new light so I'm particularly proud of this section.  Apologies if it takes longer than usual to load - I told you there was a lot of content!

I've also migrated my old blogger site to the new blog page which is where all new posts will be.  

If you use an RSS reader, such as Feedly, use this URL http://www.ShaneMadeArt.com/blog/?format=rss to add my new blog to your ever growing list of content.

There are a few features I still plan on adding, such as descriptions for every image, but for now I think it's ready to go.

I'd really appreciate any feedback, good or bad, so feel free to comment below or get in touch via the methods on the contacts page.