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Baby Pooh and friends sketches

A couple of sketches for a buddy of mine that recently became a Daddy (congrats!).  He then chose one of each character to be painted in watercolour for his Daughter's nursery wall.

The designs he chose all painted up;

Which sketches are your favourite?


Velociraptowl...Part 2

I call this a Velociraptowl... it's some kind of owl/raptor hybrid if you couldn't guess by the name!

To see an earlier greyscale version check out this previou post.

Shane S

Our little hero...Part 2

Here's a colour sketch of this previous greyscale painting.

I tried out a few new techniques for this one and tried to be a bit more adventurous with the colour.  I also held back on rendering the details too much - always a challenge!

Shane S

There's a snake in my boots...Part 2

After a useful critique from Ryan Wood, I made some changes and added colour for the week 4 assignment.

The original greyscale (and more smiley) sketch can be found in this previous post.

For future assignments this image will be polished a bit more, so keep an eye out for it.

Shane S

Our little hero...

I have a new love - textures!  I've always seen them as a bit of a gimmicky shortcut, but after learning how to use them properly a whole bunch of new possibilities awaits.

If I ever have a daughter to call my own, I hope she's a little trooper like this.  :)

Week 3 of Painting in Painter with Ryan Wood.  Look out for a coloured version in the near future.

 As usual, coments and critique welcome.

Shane S


Week 2 of Ryan Wood's painter course on schoolism.  The assignment was to paint a furry or feathery creature using the techniques described.

I'm definitely learning a lot and, with the feedback from last week's assignment, hopefully it'll push my art to the next level.

Seven more to go!

Shane S