Every parent knows the frustrations of getting their kids to do as they're told, even if it is for their own good!

Sometimes a little motivation is needed to nudge them in the right direction, of course, by 'motivation', I actually mean a well timed dose of terror :)

Born from the combination of real life parenting experience and a love of illustrating creepy monsters, 'Stories to Scare Naughty Nippers' (working title) will be a collection of fictional cautionary short horror stories - written and illustrated by myself - created to get even the laziest of children to get on with it!

The first of hopefully many volumes will include ten stories covering a bunch of subjects familiar to exasperated parents everywhere.  Find out why it's so important not to waste any food, what really happens if you don't brush your teeth properly, and even the dangers of peeing in a swimming pool - a wholesome addition to any family's bed time story collection!*

The dummy book is due for completion by mid 2018, at which point I'll be seeking avenues for publication.

Below is a small selection of work in progress illustrations from the nearly fifty pages I hope to include in the final book.

*May cause nightmares, insomnia, fear of water, fear of vegetables, fear of toys, general terror