Noah’s Park was my take on an animal themed character brand aimed at pre-school age children.  Noah and his group of Friends live in a zoo at the centre of a theme park (hence the rollercoaster integrated into the logo).

Animals are a very common theme amongst this age group and the illustration style used to depict them is often flat and simplified.  For my approach I took inspiration from popular computer generated animated movies and TV shows to create a style which appears 3D, but is in fact rendered entirely in Photoshop. 

I love the name ‘Noah’s Park’, as it works on so many levels, but I’ve got to give credit to the talented designer, Becky Clayton, who came up with it.

My contributions to the project included;

Noah's Park was also nominated for a greetings industry Henries award!
  • Brand concept creation
  • Character design and naming
  • All character and prop illustrations
  • Logo design
  • Providing feedback on the finished greeting card and partyware designs