A long time ago, before you and me,

A happy couple sat under a tree.

Into the bark they each carved a heart,

And swore to each other they never would part. 

In leaving the hearts their promise was kept,

And for many years in the wood their love slept.

Then on one windy day a branch snapped and fell,

Landing next to a sculptor, who said with a yell...

“This wood is perfect for the toys I’ve drafted!”

And from the branch two puppets were crafted.

The sculptor examined his work, delighted,

The happy couple at last reunited.


Whittle Mill is a warm sentimental card range I created which is very close to my heart.  The whimsical characters and the situations I illustrated them in are very much inspired by the relationship between my Wife and I, so I can’t help but feel a personal connection with this little wooden couple.

This was also the first time I had the chance to write for greetings cards, which is a whole new creative area for me and one I intend to explore further in future projects.  In fact, once the initial characters designs were complete, I would write the copy first, which would then inspire the illustration to accompany it.  It was then down to the super talented graphic designer, Adam Martin, to bring it all together in card form using the subtle, contemporary design theme you see below.

Whittle Mill cards have been sold in Clintons, Asda, Tesco, WH Smiths and several other retailers.

My involvement with the project included.

  • Brand concept creation and naming
  • Brand story (above) and copy writing
  • Character design and illustration
  • Logo design
  • Providing feedback on the final design of cards