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Welcome to Shane Made ArT

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Shane Smith (that's me, the shiny-headed fella in the illustration above).  I'm an experienced illustrator from England currently living and working in Paris, France.



Anything and everything!  Seriously though, I like to think that one of my biggest strengths is my versatility, which allows me to illustrate a huge variety of subjects in an equally diverse number of styles.  This is the result of nearly a decade working across toys, greetings cards and digital media catering for audiences of all ages and genders spanning multiple product categories and retailers.  Combined with a constant desire to grow and improve as an artist, I'm always learning new techniques and approaches to my work which help me expand my range even further.


My personal preferences lean towards a more animation inspired family-friendly style, but occasionally I like to follow a darker path and conjure up something a bit more creepy and gruesome, in fact I've devoted a whole upcoming project to those very things (more on that soon!).

Throughout my career I've been lucky enough to try my hand at a many disciplines including;

• Character design and brand creation (my speciality) •

• Environment design •

• Illustrations for all kinds of merchandise such as greetings cards, partyware, apparel, homeware and pretty much anything else you can print a picture on •

• Concept art for mobile games •

• Toy and collectible figurine design •

• Storyboarding •

• Animation direction •

• Sculpture •

• Story and copy writing for character brands and greetings cards •

• Web design (this site counts doesn't it?) •


Products featuring my illustrations have been sold globally by a whole bunch of retailers, including;


A preschool fascination with dinosaurs and sharks led to the discovery that crayons weren’t just a colourful snack.

The creative itch continued throughout a childhood filled with Disney animation, Saturday morning cartoons and 16 bit video games, eventually developing into a full blown case of “the kid that can draw” syndrome.

Several decades later and those early influences continue to show in my work, which varies between cartoon cuteness, gritty realism, and sometimes a combination of the two.

TL:DR - I've loved drawing since I could hold a pencil and I always will!



I've been lucky enough to work in-house at two of the most successful greetings card publishers; Gemma International - the UK's number one in licensed greetings, and Carte Blanche Greetings - creators of Tatty Teddy of the Me to You brand and My Blue Nose Friends.

Within these roles I've also worked directly with retailers such as Tesco as well as with high profile licenses such as Mr. Men and Disney.  I've also assisted external animation studios and game developers with concept art and critique.



As I mention above, I've been drawing my entire life, and have been illustrating professionally full time for nearly a decade.


Now you know a bit about me, head back to the top of the page and choose your next destination! 

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If you'd like to get in contact with me for any reason, be it a freelance enquiry, general question, feedback on this site, or just to say 'hi', please use any of the methods below.  And hey, there's even one of those retro contact form things if you feel like it (it goes through to my email address in case you were curious).

I'll do my best to get back to you as quickly as possible.

Send me a message via Shane@ShaneMadeArt.com or the form below: