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An old painting I found whilst sorting through my archive for illustrations to put on my new website.

Based on a sketch I drew on the back of my Son's birthday card a few years back.


Monster digital painting demo

A (very) brief video showing some digital painting techniques that I commonly use.  This was produced for a recent visit I did to my old school.

Painted in Photoshop CC, real-time painting time was just over an hour.


Blue Twit

I'm currently working my way through Nate Wragg's course, 'Character Design for Animation' over at the CG Master Academy and am really enjoying it so far, the creature above was my week 1 assignment.

I've been designing characters for years, but have never really put any thought behind my process, so the course is really helping me to rationalise my design choices, leading to better characters in less time.

I'll be posting my work from each assignment so stay tuned!


Dust Bunny

A finished painting of this earlier sketch done for my new portfolio site over at

Fur is always fun, but challenging, to paint.


Phew...glad that's over

After a month long absence I'm finally back to get this blog back up and running.

Rather than enjoying the sun I've been frantically working on my website, portfolio and a few other promotional bits (that I'll post about on here in the coming weeks) in an attempt to break into the daunting world of freelance illustration.

So if you have a few minutes please stop by and let me know what you think...good or bad.  In time this blog will be altered to match my website and eventually they'll be integrated.

Until next time here's my newly created logo;
It represents the fact that I like to illustrate both cute and creepy subjects, and sometimes a combination of both.  It's based on the idea of the kind of creature that would hatch from this "Hybrid Egg" that I previously used as a placeholder image while the site was being built.  Pretty apt I guess!


Cute, creepy and everything in between...

After ten years of using free gallery sites to show my work to the world I've finally bought my own little corner of the web and am creating a dedicated portfolio site.

Turns out that things have changed quite a bit since I last dabbled with HTML back in 2000, so it's taking a bit longer than expected to get everything to a state I'm happy with.  Until the main site is ready you'll be greeted with a good old 'Under Construction' placeholder page displaying the weird thing above.

What is it?  It started out as an egg that's meant to be half nice and sweet, and half creepy and gross to show that I enjoy illustrating cute things as well as um...not so cute things.

Successful or not, it was a good oppertunity to experiment with different textures and lighting.

To see the hybrid egg in it's natural habitat head over to


Dragon VS unicorn...

Image and characters property of Carte Blanche Greetings Ltd a battle of cuteness.  Sorry if you thought the post title would lead to the depiction of an epic and bloody mythical fight to the death - maybe next time.  :)

This was a promotional image for My Blue Nose Friends.

Love painting swirly clouds, a habit I haven't been able to shake since playing The Curse of Monkey Island in 1998.  Only now am I realising what a huge influence Bill Tiller's art has had on my work, shame I forgot to put him on my creative influence map, oops.


Creative influence map

Loads more I wanted to include but decided to stick with the grid ‘rules’ on the bottom of the template instead.

I mainly included artists that have influenced my work and technique directly rather than just a bunch that I loved but didn’t consciously take anything from, hence no James Jean, Da Vinci or Watterson.

I'm always interested to find out the creative origins of artists I admire, so have been checking out a whole bunch of these things online lately.  A few highlights are those of Sam Nielson (surprising how similar my own influences are to his, unfortunately I left off Monkey Island but I haven't been able to draw clouds without including a spiral since playing MI3!), and Sebastien gallego.

Download the template file from the creator's DeviantArt page at and create your own.

Shane S

Dust Bunny

Whether you’ve seen your’s or not, everyone has a monster that lives under their bed.  This is mine; He’s pretty quiet most of the time, only causing a fuss if I put too much junk under there.

On a related note, this is the last of the character posts in this style.  It was a great experiment and I have got some exciting projects in the pipeline purely as a result of these sketches.

Shane S

Lilly guy

A sub-species of wood elf with a fondness for jewellery and has the ability to mimic any flower with it’s head. It nestles in flowerbeds waiting for a bejewelled hand to attempt to pick it, then deftly severs the embellished digits with it’s razor sharp forearms.

Shane S

Dex and Rex

Dexter loves Dinosaurs, especially the T-Rex that lives in the woods at the bottom of the garden.  Rex will often poke his head in through the nursery window to make sure his snoozing little buddy is ok.

Based on my little boy who loves dinosaurs (not that he has a choice as a baby!)

Shane S

Sock thief

At little over 18 inches tall, this little guy is perfectly adapted to sneak into your home through your catflap and steal your socks.  Unlike their less evolved cousins, Pachysapiens tend to live in cooler climates so need a plentiful supply of wool to make clothing and nests.  Fortunately humans seem to have two of each sock, so the thief is more than happy to take the spare.  The handy coathanger serves as the perfect grappling hook, sock snatching device and zip line handle.

Shane S


Not many people know this, but your wisdom teeth are actually a species of bat. If there isn’t enough calcium in your diet they’ll wait until you’re asleep then extract themselves and fly away on a frenzied milk hunt, returning just before you wake.
Unfortunately the only way they can transfer the much needed calcium to their slumbering host is through the passing of guano… which explains morning breath.

Shane S


What happens to the food that you don’t finish?  It rises from the dead of course!  Shambling behind restaurants, struggling in bins and rising from the landfill, you’d better watch out…
…although luckily most food items don’t have the teeth and claws nesessary to escape a bin bag, let alone bite and spread the virus, but finish all your meals just to be safe kiddies.

Shane S


Most spirits take on the appearance of their living form when they pass over.  Unfortunately for this guy he was snuffed out by an axe blow to the cranium, resulting in a case of amnesia so severe it crossed over with him.  Because he can’t remember what he actually looked like, he’s now stuck with the default ghost body until his memory returns.

Shane S

P.S.  Happy New Year!

The Hummingbird

Sometimes referred to as ‘The Death of Plants’, the Hummingbird devours all the moisture from any plant it touches, leaving nothing but a dry dead husk.

Shane S

FjordOak the restless

FjordOak had relished his freedom as a Walker, but the end drew near.  Once his life bud bloomed, his inner light would fade and he would be bound to the soil once again, to stand guard as a silent sentinal of the Ringwood until the end of days.

Shane S

Happy Rex-mas!

Apologies for the terrible pun.

Once I unknowingly ate reindeer and it's actually pretty good.

Have a good one!

Shane S

Bogborn the Distracted

After a day slacking off down the brimstone mines, Bogborn the Distracted likes nothing more than to relax with a bargain bucket of fried human.

Shane S


Another one hour speedy for my Studio's sketch group.  This week's topic was 'Hybrid creature', so this guy's meant to be a rhinoceros/gorilla mixture. 

Shane S