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Biscuit Bear character range for Tesco - just in time for Easter!

Biscuit Bear character range for Tesco - just in time for Easter!

A while ago Tesco approached me to design them a traditional cute bear character for a new range of greeting cards.  It took a while to get there, but the result was 'Biscuit Bear' and his furry little friends.  I can't show too much just yet, but I'll post more illustrations as they hit store shelves (likely a few weeks before Father's Day).

Above are brand new designs just in time for Easter, so get yourselves down to your local Tesco and pick up a card or two (or three...go on!)





My little wooden puppet family

As an anniversary gift for my wife I thought it would be nice to paint our family as little wooden puppets.  A strange visual style you may think, but it's actually a more refined version of an approach I took with my card range Whittle Mill - a character range which was inspired my mine and my wife's relationship - and now it's come full circle!

I finished it off by etching a sweet little caption in wood to mirror the nature of the characters, then framing everything in a rustic wooden frame.

I'm happy to say that she loved it!



Baby dinosaur #dinosaur #illustration

An old painting I found whilst sorting through my archive for illustrations to put on my new website.

Based on a sketch I drew on the back of my Son's birthday card a few years back.


Little Oink Christmas illustrations

Here's a selection of Christmas images featuring my new cute character, Little Oink (he's a pig don't you know).  No pigs in blankets jokes please.

As with Ruffles the Raccoon, cards are now available in Tesco stores across the UK

Happy Holidays!


Ruffles the Raccoon Christmas Illustrations

Here's a sample of some of the Christmas illustrations I've created featuring Ruffles, my new cute card character.  Love this guy's weird head!

If you have a special someone with a fondness for cute and fluffy things the cards are now available in Tesco stores across the UK.

Happy Christmas!


Little Oink and Ruffles #cute

Introducing Little Oink and Ruffles!

I've been working on these guys on and off for the last year, and this Christmas they'll finally get to see the light of day on greetings cards in Tesco stores across the UK, followed by everyday designs early in the new year.

I'll post a more festive preview soon but, until then, here they are...

On a sidenote, I'm going to be redesigning my website and moving to a new host in the coming weeks, so it'll likely vanish temporarily in the process (this blog will stay put though), but I will be back!


I can finally show 'Retrocave', my illustration for art book #EVERYDAYISPLAY by @Gamepaused


Super proud to have this painting included in the stunning coffee table art book "Every Day is Play", now available on

From an early age I've been pretty obsessed with video games, and this painting has several meanings (as well as a bunch of game references - can you spot them all?);

1, It depicts how a single controller (in my case my first time was with a NES) can be a gateway into another world for a highly imaginative kid.

2, It shows how often, when we revisit the things we remember fondly from our past (especially old games), they haven't aged too well and don't live up to the amazing memories we have of them.

The kid dangling from the wire is me in the early 90's at the height of my obsession - a simpler time when games were 2D, all multiplayer was local and the most important thing in a game was how 'cool' the mascot was.  Ahh, good times!

Below are some shots of the book itself;

You can order your own copy from and it's well worth the money.


Monster digital painting demo

A (very) brief video showing some digital painting techniques that I commonly use.  This was produced for a recent visit I did to my old school.

Painted in Photoshop CC, real-time painting time was just over an hour.


Skylanders elements digital painting #skylanders

Sometimes it's good to leave characters behind and experiment with painting different materials.  This piece was great practice as the different elements allowed for a broad range of subjects to cover.  Plus it allowed me to learn more about the game my Nephews are obsessed with!

This was originally painted for an internal presentation about the Skylanders brand for the company I work for.


Introducing Whittle Mill, plus cover illustration for 'Progressive Greetings' magazine

In January this year my sentiment driven card range for Gemma International, Whittle Mill, launched into Clintons stores nationwide!  It recently featured on the cover of Progressive Greetings, the number one magazine of the UK greetings industry, which was really satisfying to create and see in print.

Whittle Mill is a cute sentimental range centred around two wooden puppets. There’s a sweet little story to accompany them which tells of how, long ago, a couple carved a heart into a tree which sealed their love inside it forever. Years later a branch falls from the tree and is carved into two puppets who, imbued with the love once sealed in the wood, come to life to be reunited.

This range is very much a love letter to my Wife, who inspired the relationship based illustrations as well as the background story (below) and the verse inside—which in its self was a whole new, and very rewarding, experience to write.

The story on the back of every cards reads (get ready for the feels!);

"A long time ago, before you and me,
A happy couple sat under a tree.

Into the bark they each carved a heart,
And swore to each other they never would part.

In leaving the hearts their promise was kept,
And for many years in the wood their love slept.

Then on one windy day a branch snapped and fell,
Landing next to a sculptor, who said with a yell...

“This wood is perfect for the toys I’ve drafted!”
And from the branch two puppets were crafted.

The sculptor examined his work, delighted,
The happy couple at last reunited."

But my illustrations would be nothing on cards without the expert graphic design skills of fellow Gemma creative Adam Martin which frames them so perfectly.  

As previously mentioned, Whittle Mill is currently in Clintons stores across the UK, and will soon be sneaking into Tesco and WH Smith.

This post contains excerpts from a recent interview I did for Tuts+ which you can read here.


Noah's Park, my card range for Gemma International, has been nominated for a Henries award!

I'm pleased to announce that Noah's Park, my children's card range for Gemma International has been shortlisted for a Henries award in the 'Best children's range' category!

The Henries are pretty much the Oscars of the UK greetings card industry, so to have my first ever card range nominated for one is something I'm super proud of.  To check out the other finalists head over to the article.

I'll be talking a lot more about Noah's Park in future posts, but in a nutshell the range centres around a group of animals (Noah is the lion) who live on an island zoo which is smack bang in the middle of a theme park.  Eventually the plan is to have them leave their island home to explore the various regions of the park.

The illustrations are heavily inspired by CG animated characters, but are actually painted in photoshop (which takes a while!).

Can't wait to share more about this fun little character brand!


Death meets his number one fan...

I like to include elements of story in my illustrations when possible, and this little idea had been floating around in my head for a while so I thought I'd use it as a chance to experiment with a simpler style than I usually use.


Blue Nose Friends toy environment concepts

This will be my last post of artwork from my time at Carte Blanche Greetings.

I think the forest image above was actually the best thing I did whilst at the company, so it's a good one to close this chapter of my artistic career on.

Below are some concepts for other such worlds, along with the 'magical doors' which lead to each one.
Seems like a lifetime ago I did these, but it was a really fun project.

Images courtesy of and copyright Carte Blanche Greetings

There was a whole new character sub brand I worked on whilst there that I'm dying to show, but as it never made it to market I'll probably never be able to.  :(

Next onto some newer stuff!


Blue Nose Summer beach

Image courtesy of Carte Blanche Greetings
As the weather's so amazing at the moment I thought this painting would be approriate.  Enjoy the summer while it lasts!

I feel it's time I closed the blue nose chapter of my illustration career, so I'm only going to post a few more of my Carte Blanche images, after which it'll just be personal work and anything I get approval to post from my current job.


Pirate Crew of Cthulhu

My week 3 assignment for Nate Wragg's course, 'Character Design for Animation' over at the CG Master Academy.

Tried not to include too many pirate clichés with these guys, hence the lack of parrots, hooks and skull and crossbones.

Loving the course so far - five more assignments to go!


Blue Nose Friends Blossom Pond

Image Courtesy of Carte Blanche Greetings

A promotional illustration created for the launch of the included characters in plush form.  I always enjoy painting water and it was fun experimenting with different colours and levels of transparency in this piece.