If I wasn't so focussed on illustration then I would definitely like to devote some time to learning and producing animation, as seeing my characters moving and acting brings them to life in a way a static image can't even come close to.

These two shorts were created as promotional campaigns for the 'My Blue Nose Friends' brand, and were produced from scratch in little under a month each, with myself as the only artist and the talented guys over at Gizmo taking on animation duties as well as all the technical bits and bobs.

My responsibilities included;

  • Storyboarding both shorts
  • Illustrating all character and background assets
  • Animation direction
Shane created all of the content we used to create the animations. We worked closely together to achieve the finished piece.

He created a very detailed storyboard for us to follow and was always open to drawing new character frames as the process went along. He also suggested methods we might use to achieve the desired look in a time and cost-effective manner.

He is a very talented and meticulous illustrator who quickly turned his hand to using his talents for animation, gaining a solid grasp of the processes involved and what was required by us.

I would not hesitate to recommend him as a talented and diligent artist and we hope to work with him again some day.
— Steve Whiteley - Animation Director & Owner, Gizmo Animation