I'm a huge gamer, so to get a look behind the scenes of how they're made was super-interesting, and having the opportunity to contribute to two of them was even better!

I worked mainly as a concept artist and occasional brand consultant on both of the games listed below;

  • 'Blue Nose Friends, Tatty Puppy' (iOS and Android app) - Working with developer Masters of Pie providing feedback on character models and concept art for backgrounds.  Several of my existing illustrations were also used as assets throughout the app.
  • 'Me to You, My Place' (Facebook game) - Assisting Sharkius Games providing isometric character turnarounds, asset designs and feedback on externally produced artwork.
Shane was not only an easy chap to get along with but gave vital feedback in a clear and constructive manner that illustrated his professionalism and expertise.
His obvious artistic talent is a given, but his positive attitude throughout made it a joy to work with him.
— Karl Maddix - Director, Masters of Pie