As a lifelong gamer it's always great to collaborate with other enthusiasts, so when Matthew Kenyon’s Gamepaused launched a kickstarter campaign to create a book filled with videogame related illustrations I jumped on board without hesitation.

I've contributed art to two projects; Every Day is Play (funded by the aforementioned Kickstarter) and an upcoming Super Mario themed book.

Retrocave – Sometimes it’s best to keep nostalgia locked safely in our brains as a warm fuzzy childhood memory.  Often even the most fondly remembered old games don’t age well, and this illustration shows that decline by depicting some of my most iconic gaming memories in an abandoned state of decay.  That's not to say that Super Mario Bros, A Link to the Past and Tetris aren’t still amazing games, but you get my point!

Supa Mario Kaiju Faito – What if Mario just kept munching on those mushrooms?  What if Bowser did the same?  This is a fun snapshot of what might happen to the Mushroom Kingdom in such an event.  For this image I was restricted to using just two colours, red and blue.  Initially I thought it would be very limiting, but once I figured out a method to combine the two in a painterly way it was really fun to see how far I could push it.  It was also a good chance to experiment with a more painterly style.